New Zealand’s Weird Business Future

Covid-19 has made it a whole lot weirder. Embrace it.

What I learned from those adapting in real time

I’ve interviewed over a dozen business owners since we went into lockdown and released these on A Kiwi Original podcast.

Food in demand…

…except food service

Simon Berry at Whitestone Cheese felt the same surge from supermarkets keeping up with customers emptying their shelves, however that demand only replaced the cliff drop of demand from food service for his epicly delicious cheese. (listen to the full interview)

Tech keeps growing…

Stuart Wilson at Modica Group hasn’t flinched a muscle from his growth plans because tech has been almost immune from this virus in ways that physical goods manufacturers couldn’t escape (listen to the full interview). 27 open positions at his technology company speaks to the confidence Modica has in their business model. If I was working in tourism or hospitality and loved people and was pretty good at working at the tech apps on my phone… I’d be knocking on Stu’s door asking how I could help.

Home working winners…

Bart at Limber Desks already had the perfect desk for home to reduce health and safety claims on home workers… except few worked at home full time. That’s just changed. Big time.

In The Safely Operating Business Weeks To Come

Health & Safety has always been a central pillar of manufacturing because of the blend of humans and machines coming together to produce the goods that we all want, or at least the ones we wanted up until three weeks ago. Manufacturers have work safety plans and I have full trust that Covid-19 safe is simply another set of precautions, standards and processes to be followed.

Question 5. What weird things might customers ask of us in the future?

Socially Distanced Seating

Questions for Sales, Marketing and Operations

Questions help you see things in a different light. After your business is operating safely and making products again.. I’d get the team together (with 2 metre safety practiced of couse) and ask some questions with the new environment in play.

  1. How should we help customers find us, now that we know they’re almost always at home?
  2. Why do customers need us more now that they’re almost always at home?
Download 100% Kiwi Business workbook for free
Download 100% Kiwi Business workbook for free

Post Covid — Are You Still Selling Gumboots?

I spoke with a gumboots company who sells gumboots to New Zealand manufacturers. They’re in the business of selling gumboots that last and fit the calves of Kiwis. Their competitors are in the business of selling gumboots that kinda last but aren’t that comfortable. Workers prefer theirs. Accountants prefer the discomfort is off the balance sheet.

Ask yourself. What business are we really in?



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