Making Music Profitable for New Zealand Artists

Why Paying Musicians Works When Producing For Social Newsfeeds

Matching Music to the Making It New Zealand Series

New Zealand Artist: Venn

How Much Is New Zealand Music Worth?

Who Got Picked?

Dunedin Brings The Tunes To Invercargill

New Zealand Artist: Lachie Hayes

17 Year Old From Southland For Southern Cross Produce

New Zealand Artist: Gabriel Lal

Hills Hats Caps Off Global Music Fame

New Zealand Artist: Fat Freddy’s Drop

National Candles Lights Up The Music

New Zealand Artist: The Nudge — Dark Arts

Bring Bling To New Zealand Jewellery

New Zealand Artist: Hoody Time

Streaming Music For Flowing Tapware

New Zealand Artist: 10A

Jelly For Jelly Beans

New Zealand Artist: Mmdelai

New Zealand Grown Music…and Flowers

New Zealand Artist: Ngatea

Advice To Business Owners And Marketers Looking For New Zealand Music

Why isn’t there an Epidemic Sound like subscription service for New Zealand artists?

  1. Search for ‘New Zealand’ or ‘Christchurch’ in the search bar of Spotify and Soundcloud. This can reveal artists who have added their city in their profile.
  2. Add in something related to your film to your search query ie: “jelly” if your episode is about jellybeans.
  3. Approach the artist via DM on their social profiles. Instagram and Soundcloud tended to get instant answers. Facebook less so and email… well try and avoid until you’ve contacted them on social. Artists were in general slow to reply.
  4. Be generous with both promoting and paying musicians. Pay it forward so we can have more New Zealand music on our commercial platforms. Once you’ve had your offer accepted, get a copy of the music sent to you.
  5. Look for the artists who enable you to ‘download’ the music via Soundcloud without getting in contact with them. That helps you see whether the track fits with what you’re trying to do. If it works, then you can go back and licence it.

Advice To New Zealand Musicians On What To Do

  1. Make your music easy to find. Put it on all the platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and as a Podcast.
  2. Make more music. The more tracks you have available, the more options I’ve got to give you more money.
  3. Make more in a single genre. I gave one artist $800 for 4 tracks because they were all riffs on a single musical theme that just happened to fit with the style of what we were creating on the ‘Making It New Zealand’ episode.
  4. Make your artwork easy to download. If you want your album artwork burned into commercial videos, make it easy to download. Many times I had to screenshot to give credit which isn’t idea.
  5. Keep negotiations simple. Make it easy for businesses to give you money. Unless you’re super famous or have a recording contract, you’re not likely to have enough leverage. Value yourself… but don’t make the business owner or marketer jump through hoops. There’s millions of alternative tracks out there.
  6. Share and upload the finished episode. Where your music has been licensed and used, share it with your friends and fans! Upload it to your website as an example of a business who has valued your work enough to pay for it.
  7. Don’t be afraid of free…. at least in the early days. The more opportunities you have get known, the better. If a business can get your awareness and credibility, weigh that up against the cash. Of course, if you’re not getting paid, it’s hard to pay the bills but don’t be afraid of free in the right circumstances. The ‘Making It New Zealand’ series has brought 750,000 viewers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. That music acknowledgement is worth something.
  8. Follow up with new music. Only one artist of the 20+ we paid sent me new music they’d been working on. Of course I licensed more because he made it easy. Keep sharing what you’re doing with existing paying clients. Keep in their ear.

New Zealand Musicians: What To Do Now

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